Adolescent AIDS Program: Healthcare Main

How We Help Healthcare Providers, Families and Youth
A look at the services the Adolescent AIDS Program (AAP) at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore provides for New York health and mental health professionals, organizations that work with youth, families and youth.

(Advise, Consent, Test, Support)

Find out how the AAP helps providers and community organizations routinize HIV counseling and testing in the US and South Africa.

Connect to Protect (C2P)
The Connect to Protect project has been launched by the National Institutes of Health to link local researchers with the community in ways that create effective partnerships to protect the health of our youth. C2P’s mission is to reduce HIV/AIDS rates among adolescents and young adults. The strategy is to develop partnerships that build upon the diverse insights and skills of researchers and the community. From an array of culturally responsive and research-based interventions, C2P partners will have an opportunity to select effective interventions that meet the needs of their communities.

The Resource Center
Access our comprehensive collection of information and materials on:
• Youth and HIV
• Social Marketing
• Gay and Lesbian Youth
• Professional Education

About the Adolescent AIDS Program
Who we are, how to find us, and where to call to make an appointment or referral.

Medical and Psychosocial Services
A complete overview of the clinical services the AAP provides to youth ages 13–24.

Research Opportunities at the AAP
Information about the AAP’s involvement in clinical trials that address HIV prevention and treatment for adolescents.

Community Outreach
Find out how the AAP is helping communities in New York City address HIV and Youth.

Provider Trainings on HIV/AIDS & Adolescents
An overview of the medical and psychosocial trainings offered by the staff of the AAP.

Youth-Friendly HIV Counseling, Testing and Care in NYC
Access resources to help you refer a patient or client for youth-friendly HIV testing or care.