Adolescent AIDS Program: The Resource Center

The Resource Center

A comprehensive collection of materials addressing: Youth and HIV, Gay and Lesbian Youth, Social Marketing and HIV prevention information for healthcare professionals, advocates, families and youth.

You may also visit our youth section containing our Info Matrix which has lists of Youth and HIV Organizations. Visit these web sites for more information about the health and lifestyles of young people.

HIV. Live With It. Get Tested! Campaign
HIV. LIVE WITH IT. GET TESTED! is a social marketing campaign designed to address the national crisis of HIV infection in young people. Its goal is to bring HIV-positive and at-risk adolescents into care by offering free, confidential youth-friendly HIV counseling and testing.

The AAP Library
Take advantage of these resources on various health issues related to adolescents. Some of these resources were authored and/or coauthored by members of the AAP staff (including several books, book chapters, and articles).

The Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Health Resource Center (GLAHRC)
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) adolescents and those who are questioning their sexual identity face additional challenges in meeting their needs for health and mental health care. These vulnerable youth are generally invisible within the healthcare system despite the fact that many are at-risk for a range of unique health and mental health concerns.

Youth-Friendly HIV Counseling, Testing and Care Services in the US
We have provided a nationwide list of youth-friendly HIV counseling, testing and care.